Advanced Technology


The PerioLase® MVP-7™ is an advancement in laser dentistry and can help us treat gum disease effectively. We use this laser to perform Laser Gum Therapy in our practice, from which patients enjoy numerous benefits including little to no discomfort, no gum recession resulting from treatment, and fast healing times. Our dentist in Atoka will determine whether you are a good candidate for laser dentistry.


When we need to perform a diagnosis or assess your oral health, we may use an intraoral camera to produce real time images and detect problems quickly. In some cases, our Atoka cosmetic dentist will use this camera before performing any type of cosmetic procedure.


Needle free anesthesia is an attractive option for many patients undergoing services at our office who need soft tissue to be numb during treatment. The anesthetic is applied directly to the gums with a blunt tipped applicator, and the area is numb within 30 seconds.


This innovative laser helps us detect cavities early on so that we can treat the problem before it becomes more serious. The DIAGNOdent laser is a light emitting device that provides a digital readout for us to determine whether treatment is necessary. It is a valuable tool when performing oral health evaluations and checking for cavities.


We can capture high quality images of the mouth and jaw with a digital x-ray system. Digital x-rays produce less radiation than traditional films and can make it easy for us to detect underlying oral health issues related to the mouth and jaw.