Smile Makeovers

Smile Reconstruction Procedures Improve Self-Confidence

Very few people have perfect teeth, but there are several smile reconstruction and cosmetic dentistry procedures that can transform or enhance your smile. If you are concerned about the appearance of your teeth, talk to Dr. Mathew Hookom, your smile makeover dentist in Atoka, about restorative and cosmetic treatments that can improve your smile. Whether you have damaged teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, or missing teeth, we will put together a custom package that will beautify your smile.

How Smile Makeovers Work

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so any imperfections may cause you to feel self-conscious or anxious about your appearance. Dr. Hookom is a leading smile makeover dentist and will prepare a treatment plan that addresses misshapen or broken teeth, tooth discoloration, damaged teeth, and any other cosmetic concerns. Smile makeovers can transform your smile and help to balance out your facial features.

Making A Difference In How You Look and Feel

Dr. Hookom has extensive experience performing all types of smile reconstruction procedures, including porcelain veneer placement, and Lumineers®. We will customize a package of procedures and treatments to help you achieve optimal results. Some patients need to undergo a single treatment, while others require a series of treatments spaced out over several weeks and months.

Boost Your Self-Confidence with a Smile Makeover

For many patients, undergoing a smile makeover provides a boost in self-confidence. If you have always been self-conscious about the appearance of your smile or are concerned about damaged or misshapen teeth, you may be the ideal candidate for a smile reconstruction procedure.

Learn more about our smile makeover dentist by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Hookom in Atoka today!