A Straighter Smile Custom Designed For You

If you have crooked teeth, gaps between your teeth, or any type of misalignment in the jaw, you may be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment. Dr. Mathew Hookom is an experienced Invisalign® dentist in Atoka and offers several orthodontic treatment options for patients with crooked or misaligned teeth. We are a provider of Six Month Smiles® and also offer the Fastbraces® solution as an alternative to traditional braces.

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Orthodontics may be necessary to improve oral function, or part of a smile makeover plan. The right type of orthodontic treatment can address crooked teeth, improper jaw alignment, gaps between the teeth, overcrowding, and jaw growth problems. Dr. Hookom will prepare a custom orthodontic treatment plan to address all of your key issues.



Imagine how great it would be to have beautiful, straight teeth in just six months instead of two or three years. Six Month Smiles® are tooth colored braces that gently move the teeth into position. This is a less expensive alternative to traditional braces and can help to reposition front teeth that have spaces in between them.


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